Digital twins to better understand your target anatomy.

Understanding the anatomical constraints of the target anatomy and patient population is crucial for the design of a medical implant. Our image analysis and 3D reconstruction pipeline allow us to move from patient CT or MRI data to highly detailed 3D virtual models of the target anatomy.

  • Reduce the number of design iterations by gathering information about the target anatomy before the actual design process and manufacturing
  • Determine the spatial constraints of the target anatomy, such as vessel position and orientation, shape, and pathological variations
  • Determine the differences of the human anatomy to the common large animal models prior to in vivo trials
Anatomy database already has an extensive database of human and animal 3D anatomical models based on imaging data. We are continually expanding our database of highly detailed 3D anatomical models with different disease states and a wide range of anatomical dimensions.

The long-term goal of is to build up the largest and most complete anatomy database of humans and animals with a wide variety in sex, age, size, ethnicity and diversity of the medical history. This will be achieved with our worldwide collaboration partners.

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