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  • Scandinavian Real Heart AB

    ”We really enjoy working with Virtonomy. They are experts in virtual implantations and have been a tremendous resource in helping us to adapt our device to the anatomies of humans and large animals. We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration!“

    Dr. Ina Laura Pieper, Chief Scientific Officer
  • Evaheart, Inc.

    ”We encountered a challenging clinical case with small body size and thin torso, who required implantation of our heart assist device. Surgeon was so nervous whether the patient’s anatomy allows to do it. Virtonomy quickly implemented the pre-operative patient 3D data and provided us a fitting simulation. All of the works are flawless and done in timely manner, and the surgery was so successful! We satisfied the peace of mind with the pre-operative analysis, which was eventually validated with “post-operative” image as well.“

    Tadashi Motomura, MD, President & CEO
  • New Valve Technology GmbH

    “Understanding patient anatomies and optimizing anatomical fit directly impacts the fate of development projects. Virtonomy’s combined expertise in specific pathologies, device/patient interactions and state of the art therapy options is tremendously valuable for anyone looking to create or optimize cardiovascular technologies.”

    Dr. Maximilian Kütting, Director R&D

Our Anatomy Database

We are constantly expanding our database of imaging scans and 3D anatomical models.