Human anatomical models

We are constantly expanding our database of imaging data and three-dimensional anatomical models with a high variaty of different disease states and a wide range of anatomical dimensions. This database can then be used to perform statistical anatomy studies and virtual fittings. All data is fully anonymised and in accordance to data privacy rules.

Click here for an example of a human 3D anatomical model of the thorax and mitral valve (javascript needs to be enabled, it may take a moment to load the data).

#H_HAAortic/Mitral valve stenosis/insufficiencyAortic/Mitral valve replacement/repair candidates West/East Europe, Asia, North/South AmericaThorax
#H_HF Heart failure patientsVentricular Assist Device / Total Artificial Heart candidatesWest EuropeThorax
#H_HPPulmonary/Tricuspid valve diseasePulmonary/Tricuspid valve replacement/repair candidates West EuropeThorax

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